VISS Facade


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With the VISS system, Jansen offers a highly thermally insulated facade construction with a Passivhaus certificate for any application both in new buildings and refurbishments. The components from the modular system are selected to suit the structural requirements, size of panels and/or infill element thicknesses in order to achieve the best solution in terms of structure and cost.

Materials/surface finishes

  • Uncoated steel or hot-dipped galvanised strip steel, suitable for powder-coating or stove enamelling
  • Cover profiles in aluminium and stainless steel

Support structures

  • VISS system profiles
  • Designer profiles (Linea, Delta, non-standard profiles)

Construction types

  • Mullion-mullion-transom construction
  • Mullion-transom-mullion construction
  • Welded and/or push-fit construction
  • Segmental glazing, concave and convex


  • Highly insulated; with Passivhaus certificate
  • Structural glazing
  • Easy fixing of solar screening devices
  • Windows and doors can be fitted

Special technical features

  • Face width 50 and 60 mm
  • Thickness of infill elements, 6 to 70 mm
  • Construction depths 50 to 280 mm

Test certificates

  • CE marking in accordance with product standard EN 13830
  • Coefficient of thermal transmittance Uf > 0.65 W/m2K
  • Airborne sound insulation Rw 47 db
  • Tightness against heavy rain class RE1200
  • Air permeability class AE
  • Resistance to wind load class 2 kN/m2
  • Impact resistance class E5/I5
  • Burglar resistance RC 2 to 3
  • Bullet resistance FB4/NS
  • Clamp connection AbZ Z-14.4-459
  • Mullion-transom connection AbZ Z-14.4-467
  • TRAV
  • Avis Technique France
  • CWCT test
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