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The Leader in the “Designer Door” World

The Schweiss Patented Lift-Strap design has virtually revolutionized the bifold door industry and made us a leader in the bifold door market.

In 1980, at a wedding dance, Schweiss Door’s owner, Mike Schweiss, received a suggestion from a friend: “Mike, you build lots of different things. Why not a door that folds up?” This idea was the starting point for Schweiss Door’s unique folding door design. Although the friend who made the suggestion tragically passed away that same evening, his idea lived on. Schweiss Door’s first door was a 12′ x 12′ bifold that was installed on a Renville County Highway shed. Remarkably, this door is still in operation today. At the time, Schweiss and his small team of three employees were manufacturing various farm equipment, including the Schweiss Chicken Plucker. It was the Chicken Plucker that initially brought Schweiss some name recognition and paved the way for his focus on door manufacturing.

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