Obsessed with details

From a Dutch family business to an internationally renowned designer brand

Shared passions with designers

We collaborate with renowned world-class designers, such as David RockwellBertram BeerbaumTord BoontjeLázaro Rosa-Violán, and Edward van Vliet. We do not limit ourselves to one design movement or style. FORMANI selects its partners based on shared fundamental values – a passion for design, an eye for detail, and high standards for quality and craftsmanship. Our collaboration with Piet Boon is a prime example. The journey started back in 2009 with the famous ONE collection, which has since evolved into a true design icon. And, more than 10 years later, we are still making beautiful things together.

Pioneering methodology

We constantly challenge ourselves to push boundaries and create innovative products. For example, the FOLD, a genuine eye-catcher, was the first floating door handle without a rosette. This is a key tenet of our way of working, where design comes first; the rest we optimize later. We set ourselves high standards, so that together with our designers we can produce the very best designs. And those designs are often simple, but innovative. Take, for example, the design of the INC series, or the use of materials in the TWO collection. This is followed by an extensive process of engineering, sampling, and testing, so that we can achieve the perfect balance between design, optimal functionality, and quality. This is where craftsmanship and technical ingenuity come into play. We are committed to the pursuit of pure perfection, and we will not stop until we are satisfied on all fronts.

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