VISS Basic roof glazing


Welded steel constructions come into their own in roof glazing. With VISS Basic, Jansen offers cost-effective and aesthetically outstanding system solutions for support-free roof constructions. The free choice of supporting profiles allows the design of large span rooflights.

Materials/surface finishes

  • Uncoated steel, suitable for hot-dip galvanising, powder-coating or stove-enamelling
  • Stainless steel in combination with VISS Basic and VISS Ixtra

Support structures

  • VISS Basic: commonly available hollow profiles, IPE sections etc.
  • VISS Ixtra: tailor-made, laser-welded, sharp-edged profiles

Construction types

  • Post-post-bar-fitting
  • Welding and/or plug design
  • Pyramids, couples, gable glazing, polygon glazing
  • Pent roof glazing

Special technical features

  • Face width 50 and 60 mm
  • Installation depth to meet structural engineering requirements
  • Thickness of infill elements, 16 – 70 mm
  • Uf values up to 0.64 W/m2K
  • Sloping glazing with inclination angle from 10° to 80° (indoor area from 0° to 75°)

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