Folding and sliding systems


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Folding and sliding systems in steel, aluminium and wood 

Redefining space: Whether in private residential properties or public buildings

Folding wall systems can be used flexibly as room dividers or installed as a means of dividing external space. They can also be made to open inwards or outwards. A coordinated range of fittings and accessories ensures they are easy to operate and make very little noise.

Sliding systems are a stylish way of connecting internal and external spaces to create a unique, open spatial ambience. The strong and stiff, thermally insulated frame profiles in steel, stainless steel and wood-metal account for the narrow face widths achieved even with large areas of glazing. Certified burglar resistance and barrier free thresholds can also be incorporated.

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Fire-resistant sliding door – Janisol 2

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Janisol lift-and-slide door

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Janisol Arte 2.0 sliding door

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Folding and sliding doors

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Janisol folding partition

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CONNEX slide

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Schüco aluminium systems sliding systems

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