CONNEX legno


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With Connex legno, Jansen offers a window system made of wood, the classic and ecological material, that fulfils today’s exacting demands. The wooden contours are identical to those of CONNEX cito, which means only one tool set is needed for two window systems.

The CONNEX wood windows ensure optimum resistance to wind, rain and snow. In terms of thermal insulation, wood is unique as a material. The wood window, which is suitable for different colours and stain finishes, is an excellent choice for new buildings, conversions, refurbishments and listed buildings.

Materials/surface finishes

  • Wood quality in accordance with FFF Q-Signet
  • Available in different types of wood
  • Wide range of colours

Window types / opening types

  • Side-hung, turn-tilt, bottom-hung and double-vent windows
  • Horizontal pivot windows
  • Fixed lights

Special technical features

  • Suitable for buildings listed as historic monuments
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Assembled with the same tool set as CONNEX cito
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