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It is also possible to assemble entrance doors based on CONNEX systems. These doors complement the appearance of the building. Doors and windows in the building have the same look and create a superb ambience.

Manufacturing a building’s entrance doors using the same system as the windows has some advantages. One such advantage being that the aluminium frame profiles appear visually identical to the CONNEX cube window system. The saving in production time is another big advantage. Similarly, the Jansen range includes a 3D steel screw-on hinge: specially developed for outward opening door systems, the new 3D screw-on hinge is quick and easy to install. This is done without any special tools or assembly aids because there is no need for complex routing of wood or drilling of metal. Setting the hinges is done directly on the hung doors, thus saving time and cost. The concealed hinge fastenings also add to the installation’s striking appearance.


  • The entrance door for all situations
  • Combinable with all Schüco systems
  • Visually identical to CONNEX cube windows
  • The door is your building’s business card
  • Jansen wood-aluminium windows ensure optimal light transmission

Opening types:

  • Side-hung, tilt-turn, bottom-hung, double-vent windows
  • Horizontal pivot window
  • Fixed glazing
  • Flush-fitted inside and out
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