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The wood/metal system specially developed for individual windows appeals with its narrow frame profiles and elegant profile face. Visually identical, the latest profile is a seamless addition to the CONNEX system family, thus ensuring a uniform appearance of the building from the inside and out. Whether for new buildings, refurbishments or conversions – the narrow face width of the CONNEX cito frames ensures light-flooded space.

Due to the glazing being fitted from the outside, a visibly screwed glazing bar can be omitted. The glazing panels, which are often very large and heavy, can be fitted from the outside without any problems. Furthermore, it is possible to create barrier-free window and door solutions which, in the same element, can easily be combined with fixed lights or wooden windows.

Materials/surface finishes

  • luminium facing in anodised quality or for powder coating
  • Wood quality in accordance with FFF Q-Signet

Window types / opening options

  • Side-hung, turn-tilt, bottom-hung, double-vent windows
  • Fixed glazing

Special technical features

  • Connection details in accordance with SIA 271 standard
  • Glazing from the outside for large, heavy glazing panels without visible interior glazing bar
  • Pre-fitted glazing seal
  • Barrier-free solution can be combined with a window or fixed light in the same element
  • Can be upgraded to a wooden or thermal break window in different versions
  • Same accessories as CONNEX cube

Test certificates

  • Tightness against heavy rain class 9A
  • Resistance to wind load class C3/C4
  • Air permeability class 4
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