SQUARE by Jan des Bouvrie

The SQUARE series’ minimalistic design is an eulogy to the perfection of square and rectangular shapes. While the series is simplistic, its finer details are what make it truly unique. All the products have a bold and well-defined look, but their chamfered edges make them wonderfully tactile. The late Jan des Bouvrie, founding father of Dutch design, contributed to the series and imparted the final touches by adding smooth lines to the SQUARE design, accentuating the major elements.

Each product of the series is made of solid materials and is manually tested for 100% straightness using a variety of tools and templates. Square has to be square, after all.This well-established series is the most comprehensive total concept range – including door, window and furniture fittings – featuring the largest number of products. One can recognize a Jan des Bouvrie by the smooth lines that emphasize the major elements of the door handle and complete the design.


satin stainless steel
polished stainless steel
satin black
PVD satin stainless steel


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