BOSCO by Lázaro Rosa–Violán

Our BOSCO hardware series by Lázaro Rosa-Violán ‘opens doors from the past that lead to the future’. This quote defines the design formula applied to the BOSCO series by FORMANI®: classic design with a functional, modern look. These door handles are in every respect inspired by the famous historic knives that combined traditional stainless steel with black handles and which were an integral part of households in Europe for decades. The shape of the design consists of a cylindrical form connected to the handle of the lever, where the stainless steel is still visible from the upper side.

The BOSCO series is a comprehensive total concept collection consisting of door, window, and furniture fittings as well as a wide range of accessories. The basic finishes consist of satin stainless steel, polished stainless steel, or unlacquered brass with a handle in satin black or carrara marble.


satin stainless steel
polished stainless steel
satin black
brass unlacquered
carrara marble


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