rp tec 60BR


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rp tec 60BR

Mullion-transom curtain wall for high safety requirements in terms of burglar and bullet resistance. The high structural strength of rp tec 60BR makes it suitable for transparent structures with large spans and of cutting-edge design.

Planning advantages

  • Mullion-transom steel curtain wall for high safety requirements
  • Face width of 60 mm
  • Burglar resistance up to RC4
  • Bullet resistance up to FB6
  • Suitable for large spans because steel offers 3 times the load carrying capacity of aluminium.

Performance characteristics

  • Resistance under wind load : ±1375 Pa, Security ±2062 Pa
  • Air permeability : AE
  • Watertightness : RE 1200
  • Impact strength : E5-I5
  • Bullet resistance : FB 6
  • Burglar resistance : RC4

Processing advantages

  • Economical processing due to straight cuts and optimised assembly sequences
  • Compatible with rp tec add-on curtain walls and with rp fineline and rp hermetic window systems
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