rp tec 55-1BR


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rp tec 55-1BR

Add-on structure of mullion-transom design for steel and wooden substructures designed for compliance with high safety requirements such as burglar and bullet resistance. The high structural strength of rp tec 55-1BR makes it suitable for creating generously dimensioned, transparent structures of cutting-edge design.

Planning advantages

  • Add-on curtain wall of mullion-transom design for steel and wooden substructures
  • Vertical and polygonal curtain walls up to 30°
  • Face width of 55 mm
  • Bullet resistance up to FB4 for for steel substructures
  • Burglar resistance up to RC3

Performance characteristics

  • Air permeability : AE
  • Watertightness : RE 1500
  • Impact strength : E5-I5
  • Bullet resistance : FB 4
  • Burglar resistance : RC 3
  • Thermal transmittance : Ucw ≥ 0,59 W/m²K

Processing advantages

  • Easy to process due to modular system structure
  • Proven connection types for cost-effective production: Nail fastening system, set stud technology, screw connection
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