rp fineline 60W


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rp fineline 60W

Non-insulated, uniquely slim steel system for windows and partition walls. The face width of only 36 mm results in structures that provide maximum transparency. Ideal for the renovation of listed buildings. With its minimal face width, this profile system fades into the background of imposing architecture in an aesthetically attractive manner.

Planning advantages

  • Maximum transparency due to slim face widths from 36 mm (leaf-frame combination)
  • Delicate system made of steel for windows and partition walls
  • Ideal for renovating listed buildings or lofts
  • Can be used for turn or double casement windows and tiltable fanlights
  • Vast variety of fitting options – from nostalgic to modern

Performance characteristics

  • Resistance under wind load : ≤C3
  • Air permeability : ≤4
  • Watertightness : ≤7B

Processing advantages

  • Insertable gaskets
  • Moulded parts in double casement variants
  • Three fitting variants: “nostalgic”, “classic” and “standard”
  • Rebate screw-on barrel hinges of aluminium with excentric adjustment
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