VISS Side-hung doors


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As part of the steel profile system, VISS Side-hung doors are based on VISS standard profiles. They offer a unique system solution for large façade openings that can be integrated into the building shell visually without compromising its aesthetics. Thanks to their integration as a system solution, they offer planning reliability with BIM data, data from JANIsoft and article availability ex stock (subject to prior sale). With the CE marking, it is suitable for wide-ranging use.


  • Bright or hot-dip galvanised steel strip, suitable for powder coating or enamelling
  • Cover profiles in aluminium and stainless steel

Element types:

  • Single- and double-leaf doors, with and without fixed side sections and skylights

Loadbearing structures

  • VISS system profiles, as well as on concrete and masonry


  • Large, thermally insulated VISS revolving doors for special applications from 2000 mm to 6000 mm in height and 550 mm to 2000 mm in width
  • Permissible leaf weights up to 550kg with 4 hinges
  • Profile and round cylinders

Special technical features

  • Heat insulated door rebate profiles available for glass thicknesses from 17 to 52 mm

Test certificates

  • CE marking in accordance with product standard EN 14351-1
  • Tightness against heavy rain of up to class 5A (200 Pa)
  • Air permeability up to Class 4 (1600 Pa)
  • Resistance to wind load up to Class 2 (800 Pa)
  • Operating forces in accordance with EN 12217 Class 1
  • Durability testing in accordance with EN 12400 Class 4 (50,000 cycles)
  • Heat transfer coefficient (EN 13947) from Uf 2.0 W/m2K
  • Fire behaviour (EN 13501) in an EPDM rubber sealing system: B-s2, d0, with CR sealing system: B-s1, d0
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