Interview with Jo Berner, CEO, METALFORM GROUP

Can you share the journey behind METALFORM? JB: METALFORM has a rich and inspiring story. It all started with a vision to revolutionize interior and exterior metal architecture by combining precision, innovative design, and a customer-centric approach. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with our Nordic heritage of minimalist yet functional design, has truly set us […]

The Art of Timelessness: A Look at Classic Metal Door Design

internal black steel door and partition

Unlocking the Eternal Appeal of Metal Doors in Modern Architecture In a world where design trends come and go with the changing seasons, the search for something timeless often leads us back to the basics. When it comes to doors, metal has been a cornerstone material for ages, revered for its strength, durability, and versatility. […]

When Steel Meets Glass: The Fusion of Industrial Aesthetics and Architectural Grace

Introduction Imagine walking into a space where robust steel columns meet expansive glass panes, creating a fusion of strength and transparency. This compelling synergy isn’t merely a meeting of materials; it’s an elegant dance between industrial durability and architectural finesse. Whether we’re discussing towering skyscrapers, modern homes, or iconic landmarks like the Louvre Pyramid, the […]