SQUARE by Jan des Bouvrie

The SQUARE series’ minimalistic design is an eulogy to the perfection of square and rectangular shapes. While the series is simplistic, its finer details are what make it truly unique. All the products have a bold and well-defined look, but their chamfered edges make them wonderfully tactile. The late Jan des Bouvrie, founding father of […]

RIBBON by Bob Manders

A single piece featuring clean lines, welded together as one whole, defines the design of our RIBBON hardware series by Bob Manders. The unique design is based on the architectural style ‘Ribbon’, to which the series owes its name, where walls, floors, and roofs join to form a single, self-supporting yet interlinked structure. This results […]

FOLD by Tord Boontje

Our FOLD series by Tord Boontje differs fundamentally from traditional models in the way it innovatively blends the classic components of a door fitting – rosette, neck, and handle – into one single element. This is achieved thanks to an astute system with mounting akin to a bayonet system. The result is a door handle […]

EDGY by Mathieu Bruls

Our EDGY series by Mathieu Bruls is the direct result of a design sketch, which clearly demonstrated that applying pressure to the flat handle would cause the round axis to turn. This design unequivocally counters the misconception that ergonomics can only be achieved by ensuring the contour seamlessly fits into the hand. In contrast, this […]


Our FERROVIA hardware series is an ode to the railways of the early twentieth century. Having often been used in first-class train carriages, this particular style of door handle is held up as a piece of understated luxury thanks to its elegant shapes, curves, and clean lines. The design is characterized by its spherical shape […]


Authenticity is what defines our TIMELESS hardware series. As the name of the series implies, the comprehensive range has stood the test of time. It compromises products from times gone by that have been given a new lease of life by FORMANI – some of which combined with elements of modern technology and functionality.The products […]


As a comprehensive total concept collection, our BASICS hardware series brings together various designs that are suitable for any budget. The designs are as understated, simple, and pure as they are luxurious, imparting an exquisite finishing touch to any interior and exterior design. We have developed this series because we would like to share OUR […]

ONE by Piet Boon

Simplicity is the essence of the design of our iconic ONE hardware series by Piet Boon, with the cylindrical volume forming its core. The clean lines and high-quality finish embody beauty and refinement, forming a coherent, elegant whole. It’s safe to say that the ONE series has developed into a true icon in the world […]

Strap Conversion Doors

Revamp Your Doors with Schweiss Strap Conversion – The Ultimate Upgrade! Schweiss Strap Conversion is the ultimate solution to upgrade your existing hydraulic or bifold doors. With its innovative design, this conversion kit replaces outdated cables with strong, durable straps that provide superior performance and reliability. By upgrading to Schweiss Strap Conversion, you can experience […]

Security Doors

Secure Your Property with Schweiss Security Doors – Engineered for Performance. Schweiss Security Doors provide the ultimate solution for securing your property. Our bifold and hydraulic doors are engineered for top-of-the-line performance and are built to protect your assets against potential theft or damage. With customizable options, including size, color, and locking mechanisms, our security […]