#Secco Sistemi

EBE 65

The profiles of the thermal break EBE 65 system have a depth of 65 mm and can hold insulating glazing panels of up to 48 mm. The sash and the frame are rebated internally and coplanar externally.Performance of the EBE thermal break system has been tested by the best laboratories for European certification in accordance with current EN 14351-1 regulations.


  1. glazing bead
  2. fitting groove for glazing of up to 48 mm thick
  3. fitting groove for hardware
  4. flush on the exterior and overlap on the interior
  5. frame with weep system and triple gasket
  6. structural thermal break in polyamide and polyurethane


The small profiles placed in front of the glass to fix it are also design elements of the frame and are produced in the same finishes as the window





To better integrate into the window frame, the hinges are slender, minimal and provided in the same finishes as the frame. In tilt and turn, the hinges can be concealed

two-wing hinge stainless steel corten steel

three-wing hinge stainless steel corten steel

concealed only for doors galvanized steel


Discrete, geometric, minimal and in the same finishes as the frame, the handles integrate perfectly into the frame

vitruvio tronca stainless steel brass

vitruvio quadra stainless steel corten steel

vitruvio tonda stainless steel brass

vitruvio ovale stainless steel brass


EBE 65 is also available in 4 precious metals in the Bi-material combination, combining two different materials between the interior and the exterior

galvanized steel varnished

stainless steel scotch brite burnished

corten steel oxidized

brass natural burnished