Custom CPX TB

Custom CPX TB allows the production of stainless steel thermal break profiles based on a tailor-made concept.An extremely innovative solution, designed to allow architects to design every single detail.

Custom CPX TB profiles are developed from a solid core of stainless steel and polyamide, to which flanges of customized thickness, dimensions and appearance can be laser-welded, to meet the requirements of each specific architectural project. Custom CPX TB allows to draw any profile design, opening up countless possible solutions and releasing the architect’s creativity.


  1. stainless steel AISI 304 – 316L
  2. customized design
  3. self-adhesive non-shrinking gaskets
  4. profile depth compatible with high performance insulating glass
  5. thermal barrier in fiberglass reinforced polyamide
  6. choice of different glazing beads
  7. compatibility with commercial fittings
  8. compatibility with friction hinges
  9. side-hung, top-hung and bottom-hung windows surface finishes: satinizing or burnishing;
  10. coating in any RAL or customized colours, for great planning freedom


FV 1316A-33 | -34

FV 1616A-33 | -34


C99001-03 example on window

C99008-04 example on window

C99008-04 example on door


Stainless steel AISI 304/316L


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