BronzoFinestra DB75 TB

The Ottostumm | Mogs Architectural Bronze series is enriched with a range of special profiles for thermal break doors. Monolithic profiles in extruded bronze that have a significantly reduced visual impact compared to traditional doors, with extraordinary performance in terms of resistance and durability as well as energy saving. With a wide range of accessories, the DB75 TB series is intended for projects of great value, in a timeless style.


  1. solid architectural bronze extruded profiles
  2. external and internal overlapping sightlines
  3. profile depth of 75 mm. compatible with high performance insulating glass
  4. thermal barrier in glass-fibre reinforced polyamide
  5. wide choice of glazing beads, rectangular, triangular and double “L” shape
  6. EPDM co-extruded sealing gaskets
  7. wide range of exclusive fittings, including visible and concealed hinges
  8. inwards and outwards opening doors, single and double leaves
  9. natural surface finish, or different shades of burnishing


FV 1520D-08

FV 1520R-08

FV 1520S-08


C99122-04 example on door

C99155-04 example on door

C9935X-04 example on pivot door

C99122-04 example on folding


Architectural bronze

Burnished architectural bronze


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