rp hermetic 90FP-120


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rp hermetic 90FP-120

Insulated profile system for partition walls of steel in compliance with classification EI120. The design depth of 90 mm and the wall thickness of 1.8 mm ensure highest stability.

Planning advantages

  • Steel & glass system for fire protection partition walls compliant with classification EI120
  • Seamless transitions at profile joints due to handicraft-type steel processing – compared to other materials, this offers the advantage of a planar, elegant mitre

Performance characteristics

  • Fire protection EI (partition walls) : EI120

Processing advantages

  • Better cost-effectiveness due to great ease of processing, e.g. thanks to clip-on glazing beads
  • Precise and quick processing through the use of system-optimised tools and auxiliary means
  • Better weldability and effective anti-corrosion protection due to continuously hot-dip coated zinc-magnesium surface
  • Highest stability due to a design depth of 90 mm and a wall thickness of 1.8 mm
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