rp hermetic 70FP-30


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rp hermetic 70FP-30

Thermally insulated fire and smoke protection door system and partition walls of steel or stainless steel with a profile depth of 70 mm in compliance with classifications E30/EW30. This well-thought-out modular system features spot-on protective functions and a uniform appearance across all elements of a project. This is accomplished by equipping the basic profile of the rp hermetic 70 series as required for compliance with different fire and smoke protection standards.

Planning advantages

  • Steel profile system for fire and smoke protection doors and partition walls
  • Made of steel or stainless steel
  • Identical face width for doors and partition walls
  • Depending on the requirements, infill thicknesses of up to 54 mm for doors are possible.
  • Design freedom due to optionally screwed square and rectangular profiles as well as elbows as glazing bead.
  • Compared to other materials, steel offers the advantage of a planar, elegant mitre due to seamless transitions at the profile joints
  • Compatible with other RP Technik window, door and curtain wall systems

Performance characteristics

  • Burglar resistance : RC(2); 3
  • Sound insulation : < 44 dB (-1/-2) for Doors
  • Continuous performance test : 200.000; 1 Mio.
  • Continuous performance test: mechanical stress : C5; C8
  • Fire protection F (partition walls) : F30
  • fire protection T (doors) : T30
  • Fire protection EW (doors) : EW30
  • Fire protection EI (doors) : EI230
  • Smoke protection (national: Germany) : RS-1 / RS-2 (Doors)
  • Smoke protection (Europe) : Sa, S200 (Doors)
  • Ability to release : fulfilled
  • Fall protection barrier glazing : fulfilled (Partition walls)
  • Mechanical performance : fulfilled
  • Mechanical strength : 4 (Doors)

Processing advantages

  • Modular system for fire and smoke protection – one profile for various fire resistance classes
  • Prefabricated insulators for the lock region
  • Profiles can be delivered in a filled or unfilled condition
  • Better cost-effectiveness due to great ease of processing, e.g. thanks to clip-on glazing beads
  • Precise and quick processing through the use of system-optimised tools and auxiliary means
  • Cross-series accessories
  • Better weldability and effective anti-corrosion protection due to continuously hot-dip coated zinc-magnesium surface
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