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These sales conditions apply to all sales of goods and services (products) from to consumers. Sales conditions constitute together with your order, confirmed by an order confirmation, the total contract basis for purchase. Sales terms and other information on are only available in English. The conditions are numbered continuously through changes. We will store information about which version of the sales conditions that apply to your booking. The version number is repeated on the order confirmation.

If you are under 18 years old, then you can only pay when submitting the purchase. You can also get an adult, such as a parent, to make the order for you.

Purchases are regulated by the consumer law, withdrawal right, marketing law, e-commerce law and credit law. Follow the links to these laws if you want more information about your rights and obligations when committing a purchase. Where these conditions of sale requires written notice, this is fulfilled by us through the use of e-mail.

Definition of parties

Seller: Metalform AS, 1950 Rømskog, [email protected], Telephone: +47 40 16 24 46, and is hereinafter referred to as we or us.

Buyer: the person who is listed as the buyer in the order, and is hereinafter referred to you, your or yours.

Completing a purchase in our web shop

In order for you to feel safe when ordering / shopping in our web shop, we have described the purchase process consisting of the following points:

  • Briefing
  • Selection of products
  • Shopping cart
  • Selection of shipping and payment method
  • Registration
  • Control of order
  • Confirmation of booking
  • Receipt of order confirmation

Ordering and contract process

Your order is binding when the order is recorded on our servers (computer). We are similarly bound by your order if it does not differ from what is offered by us in our web shop or through or marketing. You still have the right to withdraw from the purchase in accordance with the right of withdrawal. Once we receive your order, we will confirm the order and automatically send an order confirmation to you. Read the order confirmation carefully when you receive it and examine that the order confirmation is in compliance with the order. Discrepancies between your order and the order confirmation are considered a new offer from us, which you can choose to accept or reject. You still have the right to enforce your original booking as long as this is consistent with what we have offered. Exceptions may occur.

Information provided by the web shop

We strive to provide our customers with as correct information about our products as possible. We do however reserve the right that misprints may occur, which may mean that we cannot deliver according to the information given in our web shop and/or marketing. Furthermore, we reserve the right to cancel your booking or part thereof, if the product is taken out of production. You will be notified of this, together with information about what we can offer instead. You will have the opportunity to accept our new offer with the changes we provide in relation to your order, or cancel the order.


The total cost of the purchase will appear before ordering and include all expenses associated with the purchase, such as postage, freight, packaging etc.


The purchase price may by your own choice settled through: bank/credit card, PayPal, Klarna financing or the customer specifically negotiate with us how payment will occur.
When using card the purchase price will be reserved on your card upon ordering.
Our website is SSL certified and all credit card details are transmitted through using SSL encryption technology.

Delivery and delay

Products will be delivered in the manner, at the place and at the time indicated on the order confirmation. We are responsible for the products until they are taken over by the customer, i.e. when the customer got the products in his/she’s possession.
If the delivery of products is delayed, will we inform you as quickly as we are aware of the delay, along with information about when delivery can occur, or if the product(s) are sold out/out of production.
The customer may withhold payment, demand delivery, claim compensation or cancel the contract, depending on the circumstances, the product’s nature and length of delay.

Examination of products

As soon as the customer has the opportunity, it is his/she’s responsibility to ensure after the products are received, that the delivery is in accordance with the order confirmation, whether the products have been damaged during transport or if there are errors or defects in products.


If an error or shortage is detected, then the consumer must within a reasonable time after he/she discovered, or should have discovered it, give the seller notice that he/she will invoke the defect (complaint). The deadline to complain is no less than two months from the time the consumer discovered the defect. Complaints must occur no later than two years after the consumer acquired the product. The time bar for complaining is extended to five years if the product is supposed to last considerable longer than two years with normal usage. If the consumer do not complain within the time bar, the deficiency will not count as applicable. A deficiency showing up within six months after the consumer acquired the product (normally the time of delivery) shall be presumed to have existed when transfer of risk.
Notifications of product errors or defects may be made to us verbally or in writing. In consideration of evidence, we recommend that the complaint submitted written primarily by sending us email at [email protected]. Confirmation (RMA number) on receipt of complaint will be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address that the customer has registered on its “My Page”. The confirmation will also inform about the required special conditions / handling from the buying side in relation to the return shipment of the goods. If there is a product shortage and the consumer has made a complaint within the said deadline, then the consumer can invoke these defects remedies:

  • Under certain circumstances choose between repair or replacement
  • Demand cancellation if the defect is not insignificant (assumption that the goods are in the same condition and quantity, 51)

If the customer on his/she’s own initiative take measures to correct the fault exceeding what is agreed with Metalform, then these costs cannot be demanded to be covered by Metalform.


MF tilbyr 5 års garanti på sine smijerns produkter. Garantien begrenser ikke garantitakerens lovfestede rettigheter i hht. norsk lov (Lov om kjøp, Lov om Forbrukerkjøp) overfor selger ved mangler, og heller ikke eventuelle krav i hht. lov om produktansvar.

Right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal gives you the right to regret your purchase.
You need to notify Metalform that you will withdraw the product within 14 days after you received delivery of the product (withdrawal time bar).
The product must be delivered back to us in the same amount and in the same condition as received by the customer in order for the right of withdrawal to be applicable.
All products must be returned to us within a reasonable time frame. You must cover any return shipping cost and carry the risk of transport back to us.
If you have used the right of withdrawal in accordance with the above criteria, we are obliged to pay back to you what you have paid, including postage for shipment to you. Reimbursement shall take place within fourteen days after we receive the product from you.
The product shall sent back to us, if possible in its original packaging, along with a completed return form.

Personal information

Metalform handles personal information in a secure manner. The following sections provide a more detailed description of how we handle this information.
When buying from Metalform, we store information of name, address and email address. This is information we need to deliver the goods to you via the carrier of your choice, as well as in order to be able to contact you about matters relating to the order. We are also obliged to keep this information in relation to accounting, toll handling and any possible warranty/return handling, so this information cannot be deleted.
Metalform does not store card numbers beyond what is necessary to ensure efficient handling of any problems with deducting, repealing reservation and crediting. If you wish to enter into agreements for consumer financing, you must consent to Klarna to check your credit based on personal identity number. If you enter a financing agreement, this information is saved with Klarna until the loan is closed. Identification number is required for reporting to the tax authorities. Klarna does not store this information any longer after the loan is closed. Metalform does not sell personal information to third parties, and we do not exchange nor transmits such information with third parties. Metalform AS, by its CEO, is responsible for processing personal data as described above.

Sales pawn

We have a lien on the products delivered until the purchase price including interest and costs are paid in full.
Metalform AS has a lien on the sold goods as security for its claim for the purchase price plus interest and costs. Only companies and official government agencies may buy goods on credit, and it will be conducted credit checks prior invoice dispatch.

Prices and Delivery

All prices are quoted incl. VAT. and excl. shipping, unless otherwise stated. Prices are constantly changing and we therefore take reservations against price changes due to changes in prices from our suppliers. Any changes in price occurring after booking date not caused by defects (see below) is not retroactive.

The buyer’s obligations

Whoever is registered as Metalform, is responsible for payment of the services Metalform (or Metalform’s partners) deliver under these conditions. This responsibility includes others’ use of customer access, including unauthorized use, unless it can be proven that the unauthorized use was made possible through the negligence of Metalform’s part.

Extraordinary circumstances

Metalform is only responsible for loss of products, if there are proven errors or shortages. This does not apply if Metalform can prove that the breach was caused by circumstances beyond Metalform’s control, and which Metalform cannot reasonably be expected to avoid or overcome the consequences of. Metalform is not responsible for indirect losses due to defects unless the loss was caused by gross negligence or willful misconduct of Metalform’s part.

Change in terms

Metalform reserves the right to change the terms hereunder as a result of changes in legislation.

Force majeure

If Metalform is prevented from delivering or making mandatory replacement or should such a delivery be unreasonably burdensome due to labor dispute or other circumstance such as, but not limited to, where the parties have no control over it such as fire, war, mobilization or unforeseen military summoning of similar scope, requisition, confiscation , currency restrictions, insurrection and civil commotion, shortage of transport, general shortage of materials, reduction in the supply of power and defects and other delays in deliveries from suppliers or manufacturers as a result of such circumstances described in this paragraph, is Metalform relieved of all other responsibilities than in cases of complaints and credit it to the faulty item’s purchase price.

Disputes and applicable law

Disputes over the terms and associated regulations, and disputes concerning where the disputed and where the following legal matters falling within the ordinary courts, Oslo District Court will be the legal venue.

    • We reserve for typographical errors of potential price changes
    • Images used on our website are illustrative and may differ from the actual product appearance


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