Schüco FW 50+ SG/FW 60+SG

Mullion / transom façade systems


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FW 50+ SG / FW 60+ SG

Elegant structural glazing façade with a low heat transfer coefficient and large-scale units with double or triple insulating glass offers high-quality architectural and technical solutions for the building envelope

The flush-fitted appearance of the façade is achieved by using profiles that are only visible on the room side. From the outside, only glass surfaces with slender joints are visible. Maximum insulation SI isolators, pre-filler and triple insulating glass result in the lowest Ucw values.

The structural glazing façades can not only be constructed with an all-glass look; they also allow the façade to be designed with a semistructural glazing look. A variety of architectural features can be created by using the wide range of cover caps to produce a horizontal or vertical emphasis on the façade.

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Schüco Façade FW 50+ SG.SI with horizontal emphasis

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Schüco Façade FW 60+ SG.SI with flush-fitted, wet-sealed joint

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Schüco FW 50+ SG.SI with plastic pocket profile and flush fitted, wet-sealed joint

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Schüco FW 50+ SG with stainless steel spacer and flush-fitted joint with surface-mounted gasket

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Schüco FW 60+ SG with aluminium spacer and shadow joint


Schüco FW 50+ SG / FW 60+ SG
• Structural glazing façade for double and triple insulating glass with maximum glass dimensions W x H of 2,600 mm x 4,200 mm (in accordance with general building authority approval); glass thickness from 32 mm to 64 mm; pane weights up to 650 kg with new cruciform glazing support
• Slimline joint in 3 different designs for FW 50+ SG and FW 60+ SG (shadow joint, flush-fitted joint with surface-mounted gasket, flush fitted wet-sealed joint) and the flush-fitted, wet-sealed joint variation for FW 50+ SG.SI / FW 60+ SG.SI
• Stainless steel spacers for a gas-tight edge seal, maximum insulation SI isolators and pre-filler for very good thermal insulation Uf to 0.9 W/(m2K)
• Tested as suitable for safety barrier loading with slimline stainless steel retaining clips, aluminium retaining clips and clip rosettes
• Plastic pocket profile as an economical alternative to mechanical fixing of the insulating glass unit to the load-bearing structure using fixing cleats
• Burglar resistance RC 2


Schüco FW 50+ SG / FW 60+ SG
• General building authority approval and European Technical Approval (ETA 05/0114) for structural glazing façades, approvals pending for Schüco FW 50+ SG.SI and Schüco FW 60+ SG.SI
• Fixing of insulating glass units with concealed glazing clips
• Automatic or manual bending of the spacer possible

An attractive appearance combined with technical innovations – large-scale structural glazing façades can be achieved with the Schüco FW 50+ SG / FW 60+ SG system as a thermally insulated version and with Schüco FW 50+ SG.SI / FW 60+ SG.SI as a high insulation version with triple glazing.

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