Fire-resistant sliding door – Janisol 2


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The comprehensive sliding fire door system, with its particularly slender frame profiles, appeals in terms of function as well as aesthetics. The door profile system has been successfully tested under EN fire resistance guidelines and guarantees maximum safety even in extreme conditions. A wide range of design options are available due to the large selection of drive units and types of glass. The EI30 sliding fire door is mainly used in barrier-free buildings with increased safety requirements, such as shopping centres, stadiums and office buildings. It is easy to assemble, both as a single or double door, and is available with or without integrated emergency exit door function.

Materials/surface finishes

  • Uncoated steel or strip-galvanised steel, suitable for powder coating or stove-enamelling

Element types

  • Single and double doors, with or without side panels and transomu windows
  • With or without integrated emergency exit function
  • With break-out or break-in resistance function


  • Very slender face widths, numerous types of glass and panels
  • Large selection of drive units
  • Integrated door closers, hinges for welding or screw-fitting
  • EN 1125: panic push-bar exit devices
  • EN 179: panic lever handle
  • Various security and monitoring options

Special technical features

  • For installation in solid masonry walls with high or low density (aerated concrete)
  • Door sizes without integrated emergency exit function: 1400 x 2500 mm and 2800 x 2500 mm
  • Door sizes with integrated emergency exit function: 1250 x 2500 mm and 2400 x 2500 mm
  • Installation in El30, El60, El90 partition walls
  • Element sizes: height up to 4040 mm, width 5900 mm (in some cases, without limit)

Test certificates

  • Tested in accordance with EN 1634-1
  • Fire resistance class EI30
  • Emergency exit door in accordance with EN 1125 / EN 179
  • Swiss fire protection approvals
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